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SIP wins the bid to the Right to a Optical Fiber Construction Project
On November 9th, 2012, Shanghai Information Pipeline Co., Ltd. (SIP) Officially received the 'Notice of Transaction of the Optical Fiber Construction and Maintenance for upgrading the Shanghai Education Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)' from the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. The goal of the said project is the construction of a Shanghai Education Broadband MAN that has high speed, trusted sharing, openness, environmental-friendly innovations, and sustainable development . The project, as required by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, will combine SIP's Shanghai Public Optical Fiber Network Planning to start construction. SIP, in accordance with the project requirement, analyzed the the entire Shanghai Municipal Education Network's more than 40 routes, and close to 1000 km of network planning in details; immediately thereafter, SIPO started construction, finishing the skeletal frame of the optical fiber construction, and is currently striving to fully complete the first phase of the planned objective. 

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